Paige & Creigh | Proposal | 07.13.17

The sweetest weekday proposal at Dupree Park in Woodstock, Georgia.

Creigh shot me a text "Thursday, Dupree Park, 6:30pm." It was on.

A few days later, I checked the forecast and it called for evening rain. So I texted Creigh and proposed a rain plan. His response absolutely rocked: "Honestly I think pouring down rain would be the coolest proposal... like Jim & Pam from The Office." I LOVE the office and told him don't worry about me and the rain, I got this. I packed my rain jacket, umbrella, a shower curtain to sit on UNDER the bridge (uhhhh i'm so scared of snakes), and a few clear umbrellas.

So I got there early of course to set up shop. I had about 3 families stare me down because I looked like a creeper hiding under the bridge. I assured them I wasn't a stalker and was about to shoot a proposal and you should've seen the rush of relief that washed over their faces lol.

Then I decided I would set up my iPhone on the rungs of the fence to snag a video; I knew they'd enjoy it. At the bottom of this blog post, you can see why I DON'T do videography LOL.

And the rest, i'll let the pictures tell the story.

Disclaimer: I'm totally not a videographer and set this phone up then hid... and never touched it again. Clearly. Also... ignore my OBNOXIOUS breathing/laughing at the end... thanks.