class of 2016

Kaylan Sims, Class of 2016 | 03.06.2016

I can't count the number of times i've taken this beauty's photo on one hand-- and I am 100% thankful for that. And of course, the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega, Georgia never disappoints with its golden rays of sun!

Kaylan, I am so incredibly proud of you. When some brings you up, I can typically be found bragging on you. My typical brag sessions go a little something like this: "She has one of the biggest hearts that I have ever seen.... You wanna meet superwoman? She's a bride, in nursing school, planned a whole sorority recruitment, while also loving on everyone around her.... Oh, have you met Brian? Well, they are wonderful people, but together, they are AMAZING." I kid you not, i've said this same ramble atleast 6 times this month (& we aren't even half way through March). Thanks for being my roommate, best friend, little, and my rock. OH, and congrats on single handedly punching nursing school in the face. You rocked it.